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Mobilisation with Movements for the Upper Quarter: from principles to application and the evidence. Mulligan technique

Bill-Vicenzino-5-lowresTidspunkt: Torsdag 16. mars kl 16–21 (etter kollegasamlingen) 
Med: Professor Bill Vicenzino
Sted: Hotell Oslo Plaza
Kursspråk: Engelsk
Deltakeravgift og påmelding. Se påmeldingsskjema. Deltakeravgiften inkluderer wrap og kaffe
Antall deltakere: 30

Mobilisation with Movement (MWM) is one of the most popular manual therapy approaches for the management of musculoskeletal disorders. Brian Mulligan introduced the techniques in 1984 in New Zealand. At the time there was very little evidence to support it’s effectiveness. There is now, however, an emergent evidence base underpinning the efficacy of Mobilisation with Movement including randomized controlled trials. This course introduces you to the technique, it’s evidence and it’s application.




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